Revenge Movie Synopsis

A Bare-Knuckle fight has been arranged by Glasgow Crime Boss Ian Walker, to impress his new Business Partner, London Drug Lord Tony Hanson. He pays former Kickboxing Champion Bill Stewart to throw the fight, so they can win Drugs and Money from the other Glasgow crime bosses in attendance.

However, 2 of the Glasgow bosses; Mike Johnson and Mr. Murray discover this plan and double Bill’s money to win the fight as they will protect him and his family, plus they have designs on cutting up and running the Glasgow drug scene themselves. After Bill double crosses Walker and wins the fight, he and his wife Sue are killed in retaliation, but Bills teenage daughter Rachael is a witness to her parent’s murder.

It is also revealed that both Johnson and Murray are in league with Hanson to double cross Walker. They plant drugs in Walkers car and he is arrested by Glasgow Police Insp. Clark and Sgt. Jones and sentenced to 5 years in prison, leaving Murray and Johnson to run Glasgow with Hanson’s help and protection, whilst Rachael changes her surname to Smith and disappears to London to fight in the kickboxing circuit.

Whilst spending the next 5 years in London honing her fight skills, she becomes romantically involved with former Special Forces turned Hitman Jack Duncan who teaches her how to handle weapons and the skills of a Hitman. She also travels back up to Glasgow whenever she can, to disrupt the drugs trade and learns the art of Parkour (Free-Running) from a former school teacher named Chris Coyle.

Meanwhile Walker knows that he was double crossed by Johnson, Murray and Hanson and so he floods Glasgow with cheap drugs and starts a drugs war. Insp. Clark discovers that Sgt Jones is Walker’s secret informer as he is a drug addict being supplied by Walker to give him Police Information so keeping him one step ahead of the Police.

Walker hires Jack to kill the 3 of them, clearing the way for him to take control of Glasgow again on his release from prison; not knowing that Rachael is Jack’s girlfriend and she is the leader of the group disrupting and robbing the drugs trade. Jack and Rachael kill Murray and Johnson, whilst Jack has a hard fight against Hanson, ending with the Police shooting Hanson and Jack escaping.

Walker finds out who Rachael really is and orders his henchman Tam Scott and his 3 thugs to kill her. However after numerous attempts, in which Rachael fights for her life and defeats them, this culminates in them in a car, chasing her on her motorbike and all the thugs are killed in an accident.

Walker is released from prison and Rachael cannot wait, so she goes after him to avenge her parent’s death and finally does just that after a fight with Walker……

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