A container full of Eastern European immigrants is opened. Those they trusted to provide safe passage suddenly are ripping the women away from them. After a violent struggle, they are taken away. They weren’t expecting this treatment in England, they were hoping for freedom. FRYDERYCK, one of the male immigrants, instantly begins to plan his escape to reclaim his wife EWA and daughter DOLORETA. 

The men are delivered to their new home; a farm which will act as their prison. CHRISTI, the leader of the vicious criminal gang, informs them that they were chosen for passage due to their Special Forces background. To secure their freedom they must win six illegal cage fights. If they try to escape, their wives and children will be killed.
The women are taken to a sex club, where Frederyck’s wife and daughter, Ewa and Doloreta, are to be sold. Backstage at a rock concert, ZAF (25) a British Asian, phones his boss GABE (55) to tell him that one of Gabe’s luxury porterloos has been stolen. He sees another is being taken, and quickly jumps inside. He uses his phone’s GPS to give Gabe directions to track down the thief.

JULIE (22), Gabe’s daughter, is due to marry Zaf in three days and is unhappy he has been put in danger. Gabe, who also runs a boxing gym with his long time friend JED (55), gets together a group of lads to retrieve Zaf and the toilet. When they arrive at the Farm, Gabe and his men are shocked to be attacked with guns and knives. Fryderyck, and his fellow Moldavians LUDWICK and SORIN look on, hoping they may be rescued. One of Cristi’s men is accidentally killed and, unaware of the detained men, Gabe’s team make their escape with Zaf and the toilet - but not before Cristi warns Gabe that he will kill his family.

SONNY (27) an estranged son of Gabe, is a young boxing champion who works as a builder. After being laid off due to cheap immigrant labour, he finds himself with no option but to partake in illegal fights in order to make a living. Cristi runs the fights. Gabe and his eldest son STEVIE (33) arrive at their boxing club in time to see it decimated by an explosion. As they run through the burning building they are distraught to find Julie missing. Gabe and his men return to the farm; it is booby-trapped. The gatehouse explodes, killing one of Gabe’s men.

At the sex club the women are reluctantly working under the watchful eye of CARLA, their tyrant supervisor, who employs violence and drugs to keep them in their place. That night Fryderyck and Sonny fight in a cage watched by a large crowd. Fryderyck asks Sonny to pretend, but Sonny, furious at the loss of his job, wants to win. The fight continues until Sonny makes a mistake and dies - his younger brother KARL (25) is devastated, and instantly calls his family.

Gabe instantly mounts the warpath. He is now not only in search of his daughter, but also his Son’s killers. Gabe and his team track down a group of 4 Eastern Europeans and take them hostage. Before they are able to extract the information they need, Karl, emotional and desperate, unloads a gun into the heads of the hostages. Using the phones of the dead, Gabe now calls Cristi. A series of confrontations, standoffs and chases ensue as Gabe searches for his daughter alive. When he tracks Cristi down, he also finds Fryderyck, his son’s killer. Keen to understand why his son was killed, Gabe confronts Fryderyck. The pair have common ground in their pasts. Neither man wanted what had happened. An unexpected friendship forms, and they vow together to find their women alive and bring down the gang who have forced their hand.

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Zombie Massacre


Horror/SciFi movie with
Mike Mitchell in the role
of a mercenary
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Pearls of Africa


I am currently out shooting
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Rose - directed by Kemal Yildirim


Cowgirl Romance - upcoming project


Rough around the edges




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